Hunger Games Cupcakes



This week marks the premiere of Mockingjay Part 2, and as a Hunger Games fan I had to decorate some cupcakes for the occasion (of course). 🙂

A little explanation of the different types of decorations I made:

  • 2 x mockingjay pins
  • 1 x President Snow’s white rose with drops of blood
  • 2 x chocolate with sprinkles (to represent District 12)
  • 2 x nightlock berries
  • 2 x orange flames with an arrow (to represent the “Girl on Fire”)



  • 1 x red velvet cupcakes packet mix
  • 1 x tub chocolate frosting
  • 2 x tubs vanilla buttercream frosting
  • yellow, black and green fondant
  • handful of blueberries
  • chocolate sprinkles
  • yellow and red food colouring



Prepare cupcake mix as per packet instructions.

Allow cooked cupcakes to cool completely before decorating.

While cupcakes are cooling, roll out fondants to around 3 mm in thickness.

Using a small leaf shaped cutter or by hand with a knife, cut out 7 leaf shapes.

Score long ways down the centre of each and pinch one end into a point.

Allow to harden in an arc shape over a pencil.

To make an arrow, roll a small amount of black fondant into a very thin sausage and cut out an arrow head shape and stick to one end of the sausage with some water.

Allow to dry flat and harden.

To make the mockingjay symbol cut out two rings about 5mm wide using the yellow fondant and allow to dry flat and harden.

For the mockingjay bird shape, cut out a template using baking paper (I found one on the Internet) and carefully cut out the two bird shapes with a knife.

Using the back of a sharp knife score a few lines down the wing and tail of each bird for extra detail and allow to dry flat and harden.

Next cut out two thin arrows free hand with a knife and also allow to dry flat and harden.

Lastly cut out two filled in circles using the black fondant (the same diameter as the yellow rings) to be the background for the mockingjay shapes.




For the District 12 cupcakes, pipe the chocolate frosting onto two cupcakes using a medium to large star shaped piping nozzle and top with chocolate sprinkles.

For the President Snow white rose and the nightlock berries cupcakes, pipe white buttercream frosting onto three cupcakes in a rose shape using a closed star piping nozzle.

Place a single green fondant leaf to the edge of one cupcake.

Place three leaves towards the centre of the other two cupcakes, leaving space in the middle for the berries.

For the cupcake with one leaf, carefully place a few drops of red food colouring to the opposite side of the rose to where the leaf is positioned.


For the other two cupcakes place three blueberries in the centre between the leaves.


To make the orange flame “Girl on Fire” cupcakes, dye one portion of buttercream frosting yellow, and another equal portion orange.

Place both colours together into a piping bag with a large star shaped piping nozzle, keeping the colours fairly separated in the piping bag.


Pipe the two-tone frosting onto two cupcakes using a star shaped piping nozzle and place the arrow at an angle in one of the cupcakes.

Lastly, to decorate the two mockingjay cupcakes apply a thin layer of chocolate frosting onto both cupcakes and smooth with a knife.

To assemble the mockingjays, place the yellow ring onto the black circle using some water to stick the two together.

Then carefully place the mockingjay shape into position over the top of the ring and finish by placing the arrow across the bird at an angle.

Place the completed birds in the centre of each cupcake.


These cupcakes required a bit of prep work for each of the different decorations but were well worth the effort!

Which cupcake design is your favourite?



To see more cupcake creations you can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Happy Baking! 🙂




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