Creepy Crawly Cupcakes

creepy cupcakes

It’s Halloween time again and what better way to get my spook on than to make some Creepy Crawly Cupcakes.

I’ll admit the most time consuming part of baking these little beauties was cutting the bats and spiders out of fondant!


To make the cupcakes I used 1 box of Green’s Vanilla Cupcakes mix and prepared as per packet instructions. This recipe made 18 small cupcakes for me.

To make the orange icing I used 1 tub of Better Crocker’s Vanilla Buttercream Frosting and dyed it orange using a combination of red and yellow food colouring. I just experimented with the colours to get the orange colour that I wanted.

Note – I used a lot more yellow than red to get the orange colour shown in the pictures.


To frost the cupcakes I used a large star tip piping nozzle and a disposable piping bag. (I allowed the frosting to re-harden slightly in the fridge first after it became considerably runny after mixing in the food colouring).

To make the spiders and bats I found stencils of each from the Internet and cut the shapes out of baking paper. Using these as a guide I used a sharp knife to cut out 9 bats and 9 spiders from rolled out pre-coloured black fondant. This took quite some time but the results were worth it!

To finish off decorating I placed a fondant creepy crawly onto each cupcake.



close up

Happy Halloween! 🙂


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